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But when a much bigger plot rises that threatens the entirety of Remnant, Sora must team up with Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang to defeat an evil most potent. Semi-AU.9-year old Ichigo lived and died about 100 years ago. Setsuna is a slave, hoping to land a job at the palace. Both are more than they seem, but what does that mean for the country?

After experiencing a strange vision, Sora goes to a new world called Remnant to rid it of the Heartless. How's a shinobi supposed to adapt to such a strange new environment? Tsukune and his friends become more involved in the struggle between Ayakashi and Humans while their relationships grow and evolve, even into their adult lives. It will take more than a few miracles to change his fate this time around.

She is then taught the ways of magic from the lake spirit and gains the Sword of Promised Victory. They find the will to live because of love and together they begin life in a new era.

Follow a much stronger, smarter Luffy as he repeats his adventure, hoping to avoid the same fate as well as correct some mistakes. Think of this as a preview of sorts, although the premise will definitely be different that time around. What happens if he gets transported towards Mahora from an accident. During their stay strange and humorous situations occur - Na Lu - Rated for language and minor violence Thrown into a lake in hopes of her drowning, one Uzumaki Naruko finds herself alive from the help of an age long forgotten. He is the brother of Arika Anarchia Entheofush, the princess of the Vespertatia royal family in the nation of Ostia and Negi's mother. Both find they are living not because they wanted to survive, but because no one had killed them.

He grows stronger through extensive training, aura manipulation, and a bit of courage. His parent don't have the time to teach him so he looks to others to help him become a great shinobi. Professor Jaune Arc knew it would be Yang's fault somehow... A gift-fic to Coeur Al'Alran and his story 'Professor Arc.'Instead of landing in the bathtub of Rito Yuuki, Lala ends up landing in the bathtub of everyone's favorite blond, shinobi, Naruto Uzumaki. (Story being rewritten)Kazuma Soryu is a seemingly normal high school student until the day his apartment is attacked and destroyed by a monster. Jaune Arc was the descendant of heroes who never had an honest chance to be a Hunter. Unable to move onto the next life, Uzumaki Naruto travels the world. In school, he may be known as Dame-Tsuna, but in Italy, where he spent the first five years of his life and where he spends every summer vacation, he's respected as the future Vongola Decimo. Mayhem proceeds to follow :p Rating T because of references to implied sex, not enough to warrant a M rating in my opinion though. While the fairy is messing around somewhere and not doing her job, the magicless tale involves fist fights, confusion, denial and a whole lot of sadistic remarks. Mega Crossover, based on Unequally Rational and Emotional, but, while still keeping Negima as its spine, will try giving the other franchises involved a more even treatment this time. Each chapter will try adapting a single story, instead of packing several stories per chapter.

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    Beginning October 3, the 10-part series from Ken Burns and Lynn Novick will re-air on a weekly basis. Streaming Schedule: Beginning October 3, the 10-part series from Ken Burns and Lynn Novick will re-air on a weekly basis.

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