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How long can you go on pretending to be something you’re not?How do you move on after discovering your entire life is built on a lie?

Of course, even when one’s entire life is built on dirty money, it’s nonetheless hard to watch it be swept out from underneath you.

Fearing jail time, Navid’s father quickly left for Iran, attempting to evade the consequences for his actions (pulling a Captain Archibald, if you’ll allow me to cross reference my CW shows).

And most importantly, is it appropriate to have sex with your children’s teacher?

The last question may not be the deepest of philosophical dilemmas (although Derrida may have touched on it), but in Beverly Hills (or at least ) it’s bound to be something a single mom has to grapple with.

Overall, the West Beverly students took it easy on the drama last night, but thankfully, the adults were there to pick up the slack. ) So let’s start off with a bang — and discuss who banged — shall we?