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It was then that I realized why we always played Truth or Dare in the dark — light exposed our vulnerability, our sensitivity, our curiosity, and we were scared to see and be seen so clearly.

Afraid of my parents finding out what I was up to, I started to hide my laptop beneath my olive green comforter. She told me that she didn’t believe in love, and that she liked my photosynthesis-themed cover of “Bohemian Rhapsody” called “Autotrophic Rhapsody.” The two of us developed a strong bond over AIM.

I kept quiet instead, carrying so many books and so much heaviness inside me.

During freshman year, in those hurried five minutes between class periods, my best friend Finn turned to me and said, “Lexie, I think I’m bisexual.” Our faces flushed as she slammed her locker shut.

I took it one day at a time; each log-in unfolded a new secret demanding to be heard.