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Perriswood Dick 30/03/07 : I can see how the algorithm accounts for different arrow size/weight but where is limb/r1ser length and draw weight taken into account RLH Apostolos 01/04/07 : In fact, we don't care about the draw weight but only for the angle difference between the two distances. I was also thinking of doing another version that could calculate your arrow speed loss per meter given all of your sightmarks. Could you please help me figure out how to measure speed of an arrow (point blank) just with draw weight (45 lbs) and arrow weight (385 gr)?I would like to find out my arrow's speed so I could figure out its foot-pounds of energy. ben 17/06/07 : this formula is all well and good but what arrow weight is it going off?

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bestel 17/07/07 : Hi Apostolos and congratulations, great job !

I'd like to translate it in french in order to use it on my club website (it would display your translated page inside a frame).

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Die Legende besagt, dass die Lichterkönigin Lucia gemeinsam und im Wechsel mit kleinen Wichteln und Elfen in der Adventszeit Weihnachtslieder singt, um hiermit und mit ihrem Licht Hoffnung und Freude in der dunklen Jahreszeit zu verbreiten.