Boy vey the shiksa s guide to dating jewish men

But the fact that a lot of Jewish men use Hollywood as a kind of dating service doesn’t necessarily make the situation predatory, because in the best-case scenarios—say, Kate Capshaw, an astonishingly mediocre actress who won the affections of Steven Spielberg—both parties profit.

Boy vey the shiksa s guide to dating jewish men

Think about it; how else is a fat, nerdy Jew-boy from the coasts ever going to come into contact with hundreds of pristine shiksas from the Midwest and Europe?

A yid like Harvey Weinstein was only able to get in the same room as someone like Kate Beckinsale because of her dreams of stardom and his ability to produce successful films.

An obese, vulgar New Yawker who became a master landscaper in a Jewish-built Garden of Eden, only to blow it because he couldn’t stop violently shaking the trees in his insatiable lust for fruit.

Es geht auf das nachantike Femininum »schiqesa« (neuhebräisch »schiktso« = die Unreine) zurück und wurde ursprünglich wie auch später im Jiddischen zunächst zur Bezeichnung eines nichtjüdischen Mädchens oder Dienstmädchens gebraucht.

Typically, when there are hookups, the males do it in a way that never involves force or the threat of being fired, and the actresses use their attractiveness coyly, never descending into outright sluttiness (“I’ll blow you for the role, mister director! Harvey Weinstein failed to play the game with skill. That strategy worked only as long as Weinstein could guarantee those coveted statuettes.