Dating in the five college area

SHAGGY- this freaky, stoned, weirdo is supposed to be a guy from Hampshire.

FRED- this gorgeous, intelligent gentleman is mean to embody Amherst College (even though THAT certainly doesn’t represent a current day Amherst guy! DAPHNE- the beautiful chick is…of course…the grand prize for any UMASSHOLE, a A common facet of collegiate life are conjectures that position one’s school as in some way distinct from or better than all others, conjectures that come to be believed by the young people who attend those institutions.

The drum-playing dog was christened “Too Much” and described as “a big shaggy dog who wears shades and cap, plays bongos with his forepaws.” The Mysteries Five name soon fell by the wayside, giving way to a new series title: Who’s Scared? (now Velma and Shaggy) were no longer sister and brother.

The five teens had become four: Geoff and Mike were melded into the composite character Ronnie (later rechristened Freddie Jones as an homage to Fred Silverman, then director of daytime programs at Kelly was renamed Daphne Blake, Linda was redubbed Velma Dinkley, and W. was given the new name of Norville “Shaggy” Rogers. That iteration was judged by network executives as too scary for its intended audience of youngsters, so the show’s concept was consequently retooled: the rock band idea was dropped, and the focus of the show shifted to highlight comic interactions between the characters and to play down its more frightening aspects.

Sitcoms are structured this way because live theatre and vaudeville shows in the early 20th century were structured this way.