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Im at episode 4 right now and feels like i dont want to watch ianymore bec for me this drama seems like boring. and guys can u please recommend a korean drama for me cause im running out of list. However, I was hoping to see a wedding at least, whereby Gyung-Sim (mother), Moon-Ho (uncle), Myung-Hee (mother in law) and Chae Chi-Soo (father in law) will be seen with ex-convicts (buddies who saw Young-Shin grew up), Someday's reporters, Dong-Won (detective) and Min-Ja (ex-detective) and all the Healer's team in one place. It makes me laugh when I imagine the Someday''s team open their papers to find the murderer who died is Park Bong-Soo, the scaredy cat...the face...funny. As many of fans for this drama, surely i hope another seasson, even the possibility almost none. I know the big problem is always about the ratings, that's why i felt betrayed by it, but perhaps it will be different for sesson two because the critical respons for this first sesson, all the world seems gave more respect for this drama than the korean citizen itself. Thanks a lot for all Healer's team for make this amazing drama, keep fighting! This series is so catchy I love so much this K-drama. Why 20 series ended like this that make that stupid grandpa and brother of kim Moon-ho Please answer and make healer 2 Healer!! i watched the first episode when it was first came out . It made you shivering watching every scenes that has this song as background. this was my second Ji chang wook drama after vegetable store and I have to say his acting has marginally improved.that I feel from both the dramas his emotional acting especially the crying part is really weak..other than it he has charshma for the role wow great drama indeed..all the cast specially to ji chang wook and park min young couple,though this is my first time to watch ji chang wook drama but he caught me here in this drama..job to the writer and director...

Dating kmovie

The actors were doing great jobs on portraying their roles, the plot line was absolutely exciting from episode to episode, the lead roles' chemistry is well justified. I am satisfied with the way the main leads ended up. @Dramalover, thanks for understanding that there's people with different opinions despite how much you love the drama yourself :) I just didn't like how they left the viewers imagining what happened afterwards. And yes, let's vote for a 2nd season of Healer shall we?? I just kept pushing it away, since it was about reporters! Especially Ji Chang-Wook as Healer did mind blowing job. Once I got over episode 1, I never stopped watching. It will awaken you once u start watching it, just concentrate hehehe... I miss Ji Chang Wook already...please, please, please make season 2, Healer is way better than Pinocchio, besides Ji Chang Wook It is a better actor, he looks better both face and body than the other one obvious ^_^....you so much JCW you're the best ♥♥♥ I love this drama so much I watched it for the nth time now and again watching it and am at the 17th episode. Watching it always to the point of memorizing the lines already... i rate this 8/10(": #sorry if bad english #just want to give my opinion about this drama Aside from romantic comedy , the action scenes are also comedic and funny.... She was really pretty in that scene, im having a girl crush i have not watched any dramas by any of the main actors (except for Kim Mi Kyung who's like in EVERY drama i have seen so far lol) but im now a fan of Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young. I fell asleep in the middle of episode 1 but because i was too tired that time. you have to watch carefully, so you can understand what this drama is about . Nice combination of Romance, Secret, chemistry between Ji chang wook and Park min young is Wonderful. There is no scene where u will find boring,every scene is gathers attention from the viewer. most people love this drama because they see from the plot, storyline, actor, actress, writter or some other reason. because I judge objectively.drama indeed both cast and crew. i feel so sorry for bad ratings, i cant really understand why korean people couldnt appreciate such GREAT drama, they really missed it. perfect storyline, amazing actors, great chemistry between JCY and PMY, you did PERFECT job for director, writer, actors, crew. I would have loved this drama if Park Min-Young wasn't in it D:. The healer is very different story and the plot is also good 10/10..perfect,perfect,perfect.ost,storyline,plot,cast,actor,actress,in my opinion no one can be criticized. I felt like Healer went at a perfect pace, It didn't drag or go too fast (except for the ending.. I love all the relationship the cast charactor have with each other. The plot kept me on my toes until the very end of the drama, and the romance was just phenomenal.

What I am most disappointed at, is they let the viewers imagine what will happen to the villains (as quoted by @Joyce below). For instance, we know that the Elder was taken, but didn't exactly elaborate how or show a strong scene that make it justify for all the wrongs he's done. Or at least an epilogue :( @kaya make some research first, the actress with lee min ho in the City Hunter that you were talking about which you just called pathetic is none other than Park Min Young unnie~, reading your comment was just so akward to the point I even laughed sorry but be sure to be careful next time and let us keep on supporting park min young unnie ♡♡♡. Much, much better than City Hunter an the chemistry between Park Min-Young and Ji Chang Wook is awesome. I'm not fond of commenting, giving feedback or recommending such Kdramas until I watched Healer. For the ending, the writer seem to wanted to show everything and sometimes I didn't have enough time to absorb the sentiment of the scenes(Not sure if that made sense). Its definitely a drama thats wortk re-watching over and over again.... I love this drama so much and my most favorite now after the The Moon that Embraces the Sun".... It has social relevence anda great moral story:no matter how darkk your world is, you must really fight that darkness in order to always see that bright sunlight.... I now understand why the comments here say that this drama is perfect. actually i dont like PMY, but i have to admit, she acts very well and this is my first time to watch JCW's drama. and worthy favored by many people because it is a great drama I highly recommend this daebak drama.. I would have preferred a different actress, I mean she already played a somewhat similar role in a similar drama City Hunter. When i read the synopsis, I didn't feel like watching, but I gave it a try and daannnggg. I definitely ship PMY&JCW) Couldn't stop fangirling and replayed the romantic/cute parts, If you know what i mean;) There were so many funny scenes, especially with the father, ex-convict, and ajumma. I felt like it was a bit rushed, what happened to the "elder"? I thought I was only one thinking the rating in Korea is insane. I've seen so many Korean dramas, and I can honestly say that what Jeong Hoo and Yeong Shin have together is the best, most ideal romantic relationship possible out there.

If you looking for a good drama with well-written story and great chemistry, this is for you! This is still in my top 5 re-watched drama of all time for me. I would recommend this if you want something light to watch in between really heavy dramas. I even bought a director's cut dvd which is very very expensive (and is also my first time) but it's all worth it! I guess only non living things will not appreaciate this.... Dramabeans and soompi forums have ton and tons of comments on this... One of the best kdrama i have ever watched.n i found it has some similarity of "city hunter".though i love both dramas, but will prefer healer more..totally addicted one..still cnt get enough of it. We really enjoyed the Healer drama, and Ji Chang Wook you rock, you are so talented and singing so sweet. The plot yeah, it is a society's illness which I guess no more treatment... Sand Glass has a record breaking top rated K-drama in the 90's (just google search it), who is also the same writer of Healer.... ,, You will fall in love even if you're heart broken, and society's awareness... Very entertaining, at the same time heart touching... This drama can't provide me thrill, funny moment nor romance at all and the plot is awful for the first 3 episode I was wondering what I was watching. Thou i know this is just imaginary or what but somehow there's a probability that it is true, this is just also a reflection of their society/country too---the high tech gadgets, .... One favorite actor now I can't move on until now I don't know if there's another kdrama can match Healer, it's just too perfect the best ever drama I have watched from the OST,storyline,cast,and their acting wow superb! MLTR's eternal love is keeping sounding in my ears. Can't get it out of mind when JCW couldn't keep his hands off PMY's back, made your heart melted. Thank you healer cast & crew for making such unforgetable drama. I have already included the HEALER as one of my favorites. What a chemistry showed by Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young . For awhile after Healer, other upcoming dramas seem less interesting. In the last competition, there are Punch and Shine or Go Crazy, it said both of them beat Healer. I hope kdrama makers would follow their way to stay away from unnecessary cheesy scenes. I love it so much and I fall in love with this drama. this is the best drama being played by park min young... this is the most fav drama that i have watched I don't like Park Min Young's hair style in this drama. The storyline goes smoothly in stability at a convenience speed to wrap everything viewers need to know, make this drama so exciting and enjoyable untill last minutes of the final episode. Even the additional roles here have shown fascinating appearances (see detective Yoon, secretary Oh, daddy's assistant, Daeyong, SS, Yo Yo, Someday's team). Great achievement from everyone involved in the making. Here in our country the final episode was aired just last night (Feb 24) and you bet I watched it again and for sure I will watch the replays on Sat.. Excellent delivery to fans from an outstanding Cast. I dont care about the rating in korea..especially ji chang wook..a fall in love with him since empress ki n healer.support healer best drama 2014..

@Joyce, I thought everything was cleared up through the different investigations and news broadcasts. I am curious to what questions you had that was left open in the drama. Healer = Addictive It's been a week since I finished watching the drama and up until now I still can't move on. The actors were amazing and they did an amazing job with their roles. I was skeptical on watching this at first because I am usually more into rom coms than action dramas but this one is really good! I so loved Ji Changwook in this (he's now my most favorite kdrama actor) anf PMY as well.. @Raisa, maybe you were sleep walking while watching it.. lovee the cemistry between PMY & JCW.look great togethrr.real.n JCW you're the real man.freaking hot. Soo inlovee with this drama.the OST makes you goo crazzy inlove with healer...omggg..keep me smiling everytime i saw your picture on the screen of my cellphone and laptop...you much much healerr.. We hope Ji CHANG WOOK and KIM MI-KYUNG to be one of the best couple for the awards. FIGHTING It was really a powerful cast,top calibre actors/actresses here... It's my Nth time watching , and It never fails to amaze me, it's like on every episode "wha???!! "" You won't really noticed the time while watching it.... A great moral lesson too--especially on Chae yong Shin's character... Definitely a worth watching over and over again..... For the first time I had to agree the rating is well deserve for the quality. WOAH "scene of the century" Korea must be proud of this series, as i learned that they are very techy!! Anyhow, almost all people there were holding cp anyways when i went there.... and every sweet moments of JCW and PMY really love it!! Song Ji- Na write a new series, cast the same crew for it and give us another cool drama!!!! I thought nothing can replace The Heirs & Lee min ho in my heart. That macho figure, perfect bright friendly face, I can't get you out of my mind. Makes you shivering watching every scenes that has this song as background. Not only for their good looks , their acting skills was really fantastic . Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook look very cute and look like a real couple. Anyway, love this drama oh my goodness, Healer is such a delight to watch..of the best Kdramas ever. But i love her and the main actor, Ji Chang Wook is the best excellent actor ever. I can't get enough of the show and really..don't want it to end... They have this chemistry that you feel their love for one another... One of the best Korean dramas I've seen and enjoyed... I have to disagree if JCW similar or looks a lot like LMH. I never compare both persons and IMO they don't look alike at all :-) . even the way he smirks is very similar to Lee Min Ho. If you're debating whether or not you should watch it, give it 3 episodes and you'll be sold!

Maybe i expected too much after reading the comments and recommendations but i will admit it is better than the action dramas from my country even today. Kudos kdramas 9/10 all in all including ost Totally enjoyed this series and it made me hooked. Smartly written story about media and finding truth. I never have felt so much satisfaction after watching a series. I got addicted the moment I had started to watch this. But then and again, I don't know when's this withdrawal be over hahaha... my the couple is my best kdrama couple.are so cute sweet and just prefect together.. Wasn't the brother already knew about what is going on and stop the live broadcast from airing ? I know that it doesn't have to have the actors to be perfectly pretty and handsome, but man, they are being watched on the screen, they should be at least presentable looking for the viewers!! Then the production is awesome, it's like a hollywood made cinematography... Sandra i watched and enjoyed ji chang wook in both empress ki and warrier baek dong soo if you like sageuk he's a great actor and good looking. Besides that, I didn't think anyone could surpass my love for Kim Soo Hyun & Lee Jong Suk, but Ji Chang Wook has. Congratulation to the writer / Director and everyone that made this drama possible :-) This drama is so daebak!