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He was barely a month into a job that should have been a pinnacle for a longtime federal prosecutor – deputy attorney general of the United States – but things had already started to go sideways.Rosenstein assured the audience that he gamely wrote back, “There is no place I would rather be.” Despite his practiced coolness, the week leading up to this appearance had been surreal and unnerving, and the days ahead would center around a political bombshell that put a bull’s-eye on his back.

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Rosenstein had moved on from Starr’s Whitewater team by the time the Lewinsky scandal went nuclear, but Trump closely followed the developments from his perch as a playboy celebrity.

During an interview with Fox News at the time, Trump argued that Starr’s investigation was “a terrible thing” and that Clinton was “a victim himself.” He was also critical of women who’d been linked to Clinton’s philandering.

“That’s an interesting question,” he says, leaning back in a chair at the end of a long, mahogany-colored conference table in his office on the fourth floor of the Justice Department’s Pennsylvania Avenue headquarters.

He’s wearing a dark suit, a green patterned tie and rimless glasses, and his short hair is neatly parted to the side.

But he was comfortable enough with his surroundings to address the elephant in the room instead.