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Although some of the things that you outline in your safety plan may seem obvious, it’s important to remember that in moments of crisis your brain doesn’t function the same way as when you are calm.When adrenaline is pumping through your veins it can be hard to think clearly or make logical decisions about your safety.If you are a victim of a sexual assault and wish to speak to a "confidential employee," please contact one of the following M State counselors: Maronda Robertson at [email protected] 218.299.6618 Steve Lindgren at [email protected] 218.736.1539 Tom Dubbels at [email protected] 218.299.6516 Students or prospective students may contact one of the individuals below or submit a complaint online through Campus Eye: Campus Eye and Web-based reporting: Campus Eye is a mobile application that can be used by M State students, faculty and staff to report incidents of sexual violence to the appropriate M State authorities.

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Unless requested by the sexual assault survivor, the college will not release the survivors name to the media.

Names and addresses of the survivor may be released to local law enforcement.

In addition, educational programs concerning sexual assault are provided through various college offices (student life, residential life, counseling, etc.).

A guiding principle in the reporting of sexual assault is to avoid re-victimizing the sexual assault survivor by forcing the person into any plan of action.

Other Legal Actions: You also have the right to file a charge against your partner for things such as criminal assault, aggravated assault, harassment, stalking or interfering with child custody.