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Ger 160D1: EROTICISM AND LOVE IN THE MIDDLE AGES, Fall 2017 Fall Semester 2017 Course Format and Teaching Methods: Lectures, combined with group discussions, questions to the entire class, combined with web-based assessments. Let me assure you, this will be a course you will never forget, focusing on the erotic and love in the Midle Ages.

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2017): "I took 'Eroticism and Love in the Middle Ages' in the fall of my freshman year.

While my major does not pertain to medieval literature or German studies, I took this Tier I course under the assumption that this class would not stick with me. With Classen’s unbridled enthusiasm and expertise on medieval literature paired with the intriguing course contents and enthralling readings, this has been one of my favorite classes at the University.

"The Enigma" follows the detective-story genre which began with Poe and gained popularity with the work of Arthur Corian Doyle.

But Fowles uses this tradition in a revolutionary way, if we measure "The Enigma" against other stories in the genre.

Man stops fighting the truth that reality is fundamentally mysterious and starts to work with, rather than against, nature.