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My daughter, Maddie, and I were able to attend, having been long-time Fever bloggers.

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Mais il est une chose, bien-aimés, que vous ne devez pas ignorer, c’est que, devant le Seigneur, un jour est comme mille ans, et mille ans sont comme un jour.

Le Seigneur ne tarde pas dans l’accomplissement de la promesse, comme quelques-uns le croient; mais il use de patience envers vous, ne voulant pas qu’aucun périsse, mais voulant que tous arrivent à la repentance.

When we caught up with her, I asked her if Bri-TV was a little practice for her post-basketball career. Coaching is one of the things I've been setting up for post-career, but you never know," she said.

"If you get into broadcasting, would it be just basketball, or all sports? "I think I can hold my own in any arena, but I absolutely love talking about basketball.

"This franchise has been built on core values of defending at a high level and being tougher than our opponents, of playing aggressive tough-minded defense, and then grind it out offensively.