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Tantalisingly, the present chandelier finds a direct parallel in Jan van Eyck's celebrated oil painting in the National Gallery, London (dated 1434; inv. Running vertically through the centre of the matrix is an iron rod, which serves as the skeleton of the object.

The rod terminates in an orb, around which the bottom of the matrix is constructed using rivets; these inner workings are concealed by the beautifully cast lion mask.

A social network is a Web site that allows people from all over the Interwebs to create their own profile and interact with others of similar interests. -Rich Trenholm Doctors, nurses and other smart people 1. Sermo -- Latin for conversation -- is a network for US physicians. Get a profile on Rivals4Ever, pictured, and pitch two things against other, then debate the outcome, like who would win in a deathmatch between Steve Jobs and the Incredible Hulk.

Bacn and zombies are turning people against the bigger networks, and anyone looking to downsize can look around for a network of friends that reflects their specific interests. Click through and come with us on a tour of the more obscure corners of the Web, then tell us about your favourite niche network in the comments or our forums. Zii Trend Insert crystal balls gag here Our predictions for Zii Trend, a network for predicting the future: the i Phone to achieve sentience by 2010, turn evil shortly after. We would sign up, but we're worried the universe will fold back in on itself and be replaced by something that actually makes some sense. This friend-locator site uses GPS to turn your mobile into a homing beacon and shows you where your friends are on a map.

The relationship between the two centres was very close, most significantly as a result of the sacking of Dinant by Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, in 1466, forcing many of the town’s craftsmen to flee to cities including Nuremberg.