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Since I like a good whipping scene, for me it would be Mark of the Whip.

Don't know why I haven't acquired it yet, but if the jolly fat guy doesn't deliver, I'll plunk down some coin myself come 2010.

Perhaps a company thought they could pull a fast one and nobody would notice. Regardless of who did what, the after-effects of this deal and a legislative loss will be felt far beyond Illinois for some time to come.

Yik Yakker: Speaking of trashy Euro films: having tasted some giallo (New York Ripper) I've got my eye on another old sleazefest, Strip Nude for Your Killer.

Sure enough, the bill passed the Senate by not have, but then again, if Senator Harmon didn’t think it wouldn’t have gotten him that last vote or two he needed, he wouldn’t have offered the deal.

In the end, the timing proved fortuitous to all involved.

Instead, we were undercut by a self-serving supposed ally.