How to be unpredictable in dating

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Tom Morgan, who is on the autistic spectrum and appeared on C4 TV’s The Undateables, in the hope of finding a partner, explained the dilemmas he found when attempting to date face-to-face: “The whole process is much harder for people on the spectrum.

Sometimes it feels like it might be easier to be alone.”Tom who is 28, pointed out how uncomfortable he felt when meeting girls for a date in a bar, restaurant or cinema.

Now in its sixth year there are around 9,000 subscribers (three times more males than females) who have chosen to register in this category – that’s around 25 per cent of the website’s total subscriber count.

As a website owner and dating coach I notice that Individuals come to the site because they’ve had problems with conventional dating sites, usually in terms of misinterpreting emails or not being able to ‘see’ what’s behind someone’s words.

And it's better to see that sooner than later.3. Many of my friends battled bad-boy addictions right up until they finally gave the sweet-but-shy guy in their life a try. They soon discovered that being with a man who calls when he says he will is its own kind of awesome.