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To get enough money for an i Phone is actually quite easy. It seems Chinese youth are wild about Apple products (Some people blames the phenomenon on their vanity and peer pressure).

*** Netizens "Human Flesh Searched” the freshman girl and posted many of her photos on the Internet, She turned out to be a college freshman in Nanjing That’s her boyfriend who exposed the chat log This is not the only case people in China doing something crazy for Apple products.

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Basil O'Kimosh, a former cop in Green Bay, Wisconsin, faces federal charges for exchanging sexually explicit Snapchat messages with a teenage girl he met on Facebook.

If convicted, the 39-year-old man faces 25 years to life in prison.

Girl: No Man: oh Man: Girl: What Man: you said you are in love, so probably don’t have time to go out?

Girl: It’s ok Girl: but I don’t want to go far Man: Oh Man: When do you have time I can go get you, buy you dinner Girl: Em, where are we going? Girl: Spending the night on a weekend Man: Ok Friday night ok?

Man: You must have tried it before, it’s ok after washing it clean Man: You can be smelly in bed, it’s ok Man: I will just be couple minutes any ways Girl: ……… Though it’s still beyond some people’s understanding, as revealed by news reports, many teenagers in China have considered to sell their body one way or another in exchange for this gadget.

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