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Philosophy of history examines the theoretical foundations of the practice, application, and social consequences of history and historiography.

It is similar to other area studies – such as philosophy of science or philosophy of religion – in two respects.

These problems and many more that are specific to the past have been studied and debated for as long as philosophy itself has existed.

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He claims to not accept hearsay or conjecture, and to admit only that which he had personally seen or else had been confirmed by multiple reliable sources.

Thucydides was the first to utilize source criticism in documentary evidence.

However, Thucydides was critical of Herodotus for having failed to carry out a sufficiently objective account.

“To hear this history told, insofar as it lacks all that is fabulous, shall perhaps not be entirely pleasing.

First, philosophy of history utilizes the best theories in the core areas of philosophy like metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics to address questions about the nature of the past and how we come to know it: whether the past proceeds in a random way or is guided by some principle of order, how best to explain or describe the events and objects of the past, how historical events can be considered causally efficacious on one another, and how to adjudicate testimony and evidence.