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The structure is situated on London Road, one of the busiest roads in the town, meaning there is a constant stream of traffic through it during the day.

Despite this, accidents are unheard of, as the arch can comfortably fit most forms of traffic from articulated lorries to double-decker buses. It is the most prominent feature of the town hall today with its steep arched roof, large window and chequered patterned exterior.

Due to its rise in popularity, and the fact that the north of Lynn became quite affluent, the chapel was rebuilt between 13 on a much larger scale in the grand perpendicular scale of the time.

The church is England's largest chapel of ease, a chapel dependent on a church and serving part of the parish for the convenience of parishioners nearby.

The tower is informally referred to as 'the leaning tower of Lynn' as it leans dramatically to the west.