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The series features a team of paranormal investigators led by demonologist John Zaffis, who investigates alleged haunted locations with the hopes of identifying and removing any on-site artifacts or trigger objects that may be the source of the supposed paranormal or poltergeist activity.The production of the second season started in December 2011, and premiered on June 6, 2012.They learn that the mill had many work-related accidents, including an inspector who fell to her death from the 9th-floor elevator shaft and a worker who was buried alive in concrete in one of the silos.

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Haunted Collector is an American television reality series which airs on the Syfy cable television channel.

The first season premiered on June 1, 2011, and ended on July 6, 2011.

Once an artifact is deemed to be a possible source of paranormal activity, it is removed from the premises in hopes that the activity in the location being investigated will be mitigated or cease altogether.

The artifact is then housed in John Zaffis' paranormal artifact museum.

On September 17, 2012, Syfy announced that the series has been renewed for 12-episode third season, which premiered on March 6, 2013.