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Rent Soft offers a fully functional cloud service marketplace already stocked with leading applications. When evaluating the use of global sourcing and single vendor sourcing, many procurement managers have become very concerned about their risk exposure and are seeking. The Agriya's remarkable Etsy clone script is an instant method to create an online marketplace of any desired industry within a few days. work,the database management systems in the marketplace.

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The Microsoft partner also offered high system availability backed by a service level agreement.

Marketplace administration is simplified by an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly html editing environment, while Company Administrators (the target audience of the Marketplace module) are able to monitor their services stock and status any time under My Services menu.

A consize shopping logic enables Company Administrators to edit and manage the Main Page, the Catalogue, all Product Pages and the Basket.

It is very important to choose partners carefully and that is why we are happy to have achieved great cooperation with Neostratus who proved to be a professional and proactive partner Informa Telecoms & Media identifies Neostratus as one of the world’s leading cloud enablers for telecoms operators.