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Click in the Reference area and select the first data range to consolidate – to do this you will need to click the Sheet tab i.e.

To indicate where the labels are located in the source ranges, select the check boxes under Use labels in: either the Top row, the Left column, or both. Clicking on the plus sign will expand the group and there is a line connecting these rows to the left: You’ll find that the second column (Column C) of data shows the name of the workbook (Core Excel Level 2) that contains the data.

In this example, Top row is the name of the quarters, i.e. You can hide this column if you want to, by right clicking it and choosing Hide.

Data Consolidation allows you to gather together your data from separate worksheets into a master worksheet.

In other words, the Data Consolidation function takes data from a series of worksheets or workbooks and summaries it into a single worksheet that you can update easily.

Top Tip: You can name your ranges before you start the Consolidation process. Manual updates: You’ll immediately notice a change to the Excel worksheet that you may never have seen before.