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Ann was dead asleep and I was trying to watch the in flight movie on the i Pad sized screen located on the seat in front of me. I thought, "Oh well, the pretzels and honey glazed peanuts will tied me over until we can get some real food."This was our special twentieth anniversary cruise.

I didn't tell Ann that it is an all adult cruise Eighteen and over.

Ours was a blue ticket indicating we were to join the group on deck two. He was probably a gym rat like me, with firm biceps and wide shoulders but was not quite as muscular as I am. Ann had put on a black short cocktail dress with plenty cleavage. Dave held out his arm to Ann and led her out into the hallway. After stepping out of the elevator we were greeted by the host of the dining area. Being attentive to my wife, Dave offered his assistance. Linda followed suit asking me what I would recommend. Three medium and one medium rare," I told the waiter. " "Uh huh," I said, with a grin, and then I added, "We better get going to the club." The club was dark.

Upon arriving to our assigned place we were pleasantly greeted by the couple we made eye contact with. "Greetings, this is Linda and I am David," he said, extending his hand. Nice to meet you," I replied, shaking his hand firmly. I put on slacks with a sports coat over an Hawaiian patterned shirt. " "Didn't bring my demi, but really wanted to wear this dress." There was a knock at the door and I asked loudly, "Who is it? Would you care to join us for dinner and dancing afterward? He escorted us to a table for four, that had a beautiful view of the ocean. I replied to her, "I think the steak and lobster looks good! Our conversation was pleasant as we discovered many things about each other. Dave was a real estate broker and his wife Linda was a nurse. As she talked I was enamored by Linda's beautiful face, with deep blue eyes and pearly white smile. A piano player and middle aged singer were singing some oldies. 35 GB per day 27 GB per day. DVDRip.x264-FBGM Cast: These girls are finally legal and are as dirty as they cum!