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CAMILA DOMONOSKE Starting next week, Norway will become the first country to switch off its nationwide FM radio network and convert completely to digital signals.The change was announced in 2015, and will take months to be fully implemented.

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THANKS RADIO Today Radio Submit welcomed Paul Miraldi with Iheart Media and Iheart Radio.

Today Paul has joined the group of thousands of radio professionals around the planet, that have been authorized to download new music releases, presented for airplay consideration by The Radio Submit Network.

As we reported in 2015, the Norwegian government also says that digital radio is less likely to fail in extreme conditions, which lawmakers saw as an advantage for emergency preparedness.

FROM THE ARCHIVES Norway Does A Ctrl Alt Delete On E-Voting Experiment The CEO of Digitalradio Norway says the country's FM network is antiquated and would need massive investments to maintain — so, to allow investment in digital radio, the FM network needs to be shut down.

The Norwegian government decided to make the transition in part because digital radio can provide many more channels for the same price — eight times as many, to be precise.