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Some research has shown that overweight and moderately obese patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, actually live longer and do better than normal-weight patients with the same illnesses. All the years of verbal, physical and mental abuse never led to me getting any slimmer There are also a growing number of social media sites for ‘fit fatties’ who say exercise is not just for the skinny.Naomi agrees, saying: ‘Part of the problem is we are constantly told fat people are a drain on society, which feeds prejudice.‘I have a balanced diet and active lifestyle. I’m judged by strangers for how I look on the outside.Choose from a wide variety of online college degrees in some of today’s in-demand fields including health care, information management, business administration, education, and environmental studies.

Instead, I’m encouraging people as fat as me to love themselves.’ She also believes such discrimination is made worse by the ‘moral panic’ about obesity and Government health warnings.‘There’s this idea if you are fat it’s 100 per cent your fault.

There’s also an assumption you are 100 per cent in control of your size. People have different bodies.’Plus-size bloggers also point to conflicting evidence on the health risks of obesity. I’m judged by strangers for how I look on the outside.

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‘I got larger, and boys would only chat me up as a joke, or for a bet. ‘I took to the internet for solace and I found an online community where fat women were pictured looking happy, sticking their fingers up to their tormentors.’When she started contributing her own pictures, she was amazed to find others telling her they loved how she looked.‘From that day on, I walked a bit lighter, not because I was physically lighter but because my demons started lifting.’The fatspiration movement has even penetrated the higher echelons of fashion, with bigger model Ashley Graham featuring on the cover of Vogue in January. It’s estimated the market for clothing over size 16 is worth £5.4 billion in the UK, a figure that will rise to £6.4 billion by 2019, according to the retail research agency Conlumino.