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One of the things I enjoy most about living in Medellin is that I can feel comfortable going to any restaurant in the city, alone, with friends, or on a date, and know I won’t break the bank.

Gym = 181,000 pesos ($102) When I’m living in Medellin, I’m not traveling, and therefore I try and focus on improving my health and fitness.

I have friends who’ve used the free outdoor gyms, but I prefer one with cardio equipment and a full array of machines and weights.

In January, I paid the full 3 months, or $306, but for the purpose of this exercise I divided that by three.

I continue to use Bodytech because it’s convenient to where I live, and I know that increases the odds I’ll go often.

Watch the video on Youtube Before we get into the details, I want to share some insight into my standard of living, because more than anything, this is the variable that will affect a person’s cost of living in Medellin.

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