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The second Revelation that the Poor Man's Bible seeks to share with the viewer is the revelation of God's plan for humanity's Salvation through sending his son, Jesus, to be born as a human baby, to live among people and to die a cruel death to absolve the sins committed by humanity.Jesus, as depicted on the walls, domes and windows of churches, is the Revelation of God's love, his grace, his mercy and his glory.They are drawn from buildings and artworks that he saw on his travels.

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While talented illuminators added their own style and embellishments, the form of many pictures remained the same, and different scenes or motifs were repeated many times and in different media.

There is, for example a particular motif of several sheep, one of which has a foot raised to scratch its ear, which occurs in Italy in the 13th and 14th centuries in manuscript illumination, wall paintings and carved stone panels.

They give us a clear indication of the way in which decorative motifs and figurative subjects could be transferred from one region to another and from one artform to another.

Although the names of many masons, painters, illuminators and stained glass artists are unknown, the movements of some are traceable, including: One of the major purposes of an artistic scheme, or Poor Man's Bible, within a church was to show the viewer the "Way to Salvation".

In countries where stone-carving prevails as an art, it is externally placed.