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In hindsight, I think it's blood money and I'm not proud of it at all.

People ask me about that Hard Copy interview all the time and I hate it,' she confessed.

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I was just part of the frenzy of the case.'Now Shively reveals she has 'nightmares' about the case that happen 23 years ago.

With Simpson's parole approaching, Shively also says she fears for his release because she does not believe prison has changed him for the better. Of what he'll do to other people, his anger, his ego,' she said.

Michter’s Distillery, Shively (Louisville)Michter’s was an historic Pennsylvania distillery, dating to the 1700s and famous for its rye whiskey. “We tried to buy the name,” says Joe Magliocco, the founder of the modern company.

But the name was actually abandoned, so he was able to acquire it for free.

The woman who allegedly saw OJ Simpson flee Nicole Brown's condo after she was murdered has revealed how the moment took an emotional and physical toll on her life.

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    That’s kind of the point too, considering that MIM models are Fender’s budget brand (above Squier).

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