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The Dutch "ell", which varied from town to town (In 1725 the Hague ell was fixed as the national standard for tax purposes and from 1816 to 1869, the word el was used in the Netherlands to refer to the metre.In 1869 the word meter was adopted and the el, disappeared, both as a word and as a unit of measurement.The name "kilogram" was adopted in 1869, but the pond was only eliminated as a formal unit of measurement in 1937.

In the Netherlands today the word ons does not commonly refer to its historical weight of around 30 g (the exact weight depending on where you were), but to 100 g.

In the Dutch fishery, a last was a measurement of the fish loaded into the various types of fishing boat in use (e.g. The last of these could take 35 to 40 last of fish, the exact amount depending on the location.

After the metric system was introduced, the word ons continued to be used, but for 100 g.

The ons was eliminated as a formal unit of measurement in 1937, but it is still used today in everyday parlance to refer to 100 g.

These old units of measurement have disappeared, but they remain a colourful legacy of the Netherlands' maritime and commercial importance and survive today in a number of Dutch sayings and expressions.