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And, in an effort to ease confusion, Naoko did write in the lil' intro boxes the following: So contrary to popular fiction, Chibiusa is NOT a temporary character, Kousagi will NOT be born first and then die later leaving only Usagi and her court to remember the quadruple Odango tot, Chibiusa is in fact Kousagi's older sister. (Not that she knew he was dead again to begin with, but who's counting?

) And even if there was a chance for Seiya and Usagi, there would be NO WAY for Seiya to physically father any child, due to the fact that he's a she.

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at the end of that series, hence Chibiusa being in grade 9 in the Parallel story. Yes, she was kissed by Seiya, (Not by choice though!

The Chibiusa you see in the story is in fact, the one Usagi gives birth to, NOT the 30th century broad we grew to love in the rest of the series. ) but she stayed true to Mamoru and waited for him to return from the dead, again.

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However, the Parallel story albeit short, does give a little more freedom to the possibility of something more between the 2 friends, due to Helios being absent from mention, but it's pretty much set in stone that one day, Chibiusa will meet again with Helios, and the two will most likely live happily ever after. )Serenity the Queen of the White Moon, the other bitch Queen of the Black) there is NO BLOOD between them.