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OK, lets take a look at the triggers that can accomplish this.

We'll need two triggers, and the first one to look at is the trigger that will fire after an INSERT statement. Restaurant ID; END GO In SQL Server, the pseudo table INSERTED lists all of the 'after' values of the rows that were affected by the DML statement, so in this case, like its name implies, the inserted rows.

They may be considered as 'specialty tools' in the database realm but remember that plumbers, builders and mechanics also have tools they only use once in a while and when the situation arises where a compound trigger can be useful it's good to have them around.

I wrote a blog post a while back on updating what I call "administrative columns" like created date and last modified date in Oracle.

So I think it is good to blog about how to do this, so if anyone else has this need, they can see my approach and either use it straight away or adapt it to their needs.