Who is tameka raymond dating

Oprah & Usher had their much awaited sit down for "Oprah's Next Chapter." And it aired last night. While chillin' at Usher's crib (which he bought from L. Reid and is the same house in which he was introduced to Reid at age 16), Oprah dug in about the burning custody, divorce & cheating questions we all have.

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Once Jonetta got remarried, she left Usher's stepfather because he wanted her to chose between him or Usher--she chose Usher.

Jonetta on the Tameka debacle Jonetta said she has been sad for 8 years, mainly because of the "marriage thing." She said she's not the type of mother who believes "no one is too good for her son." but Usher chimed in and challenged that in a playful way.

But now, she lives 5 minutes away from him in Atlanta, and is a "daily presence" in his house.

Usher on Kile Glover's death and funeral rumors When Kile's accident happened, Tameka called Usher to tell him.

“I went to Brazil to get liposuction and almost died.